CSC Testimonials

David Palmer with his Viper


 The people at CSC are the best !! Had my conversion done at the CSC factory in Virginia. The absolutely best thing I've done as far as motorcycles go. They have a first class operation going on there. 

Very knowledgeable people who answer any and all questions. It's been almost 2 yrs now & I still can't wipe the smile off of my face !!!!

Ron with his Cobra XL


This past summer we decided it would be safer for us to have 3 wheels under us. We purchased our kit from California Sidecar and couldn’t be happier. They did an excellent job and the people and service department were always very willing to answer all our questions. 

Tim with his Encore


These pictures tell a great story about how Tim is taking FULL advantage  of his new CSC trike on his DCT Wing! They have been to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming.....just to  name a few places. They also rode the Main Oregon Trail Back Country Byway as part of their westward bound journey. Tim is absolutely loving his trike but loving the scenery and the ride even more.  

The Waddell's with their Cobra XL


 We would like to say after trying out all the different makes of trike conversions on the market today, we decided to have the Cobra XL  kit installed on our 2003 Goldwing.  It was the absolute best choice we could have made, not only in ride and handling but also with all of the options. All we can say to all of the other riders out there is give  California Sidecar a try and you will be glad you did. 

Pete Rawls with his Kruze


I made the decision to purchase the Kruze after comparing CSC products with other manufacturers while at Daytona Beach Bike Week. I was looking for something more aerodynamic and with smooth lines, not a boxy  looking trike. The demo and sales staff at the show were knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and never pushy. One ride on the  demo trike and I was convinced this was the way to go.  I formulated the purchase order on the spot and then contacted the factory to arrange  drop off of my bike and complete the conversion. We are now a two  trike family as my wife moved up from two wheels to a Legend. 

Mr. Messner with his Arrow


 Dan was inspired by his father’s love of Indian Motorcycles when he chose the Chieftain. Undeniably choosing the CSC Arrow was staying true to the styling of the Indian itself. His only challenge thereafter  was in finding a way to alter the throttle. Cherokee Cycles in Greer, South Carolina was the one for the job! Danny and the crew at Cherokee  were able to retrofit a foot throttle assembly for Dan; proving that no  obstacle should ever hinder you from accomplishing what makes you happy 

and doing what you love. 

Happy riding to you Dan! 

The Featherstone's with their Ventura


We always tell anyone we meet along the way what a stand up company CSC is. 

Lance Wood with his Viper


This is my  second CSC trike. Upgraded from a 2007 with a CSC Cobra to this new one in 2016. CSC builds the best trike kit 

hands down! 

Mr. Vernon with his Cobra


This is my CSC 2006 Goldwing! I had the kit installed on 8/13 at the Arrington, VA plant and I am very happy with my CSC! 

Sharon & Howard's Cobra XL


 We are extremely happy with the quality of workmanship. We could not have received better hospitality and service along with the smiling  faces of friendly staff anywhere else.  The technicians were extremely  knowledgeable and were willing to answer any and all questions. 

Simply said, CSC is awesome.

Bob DeNova with his Daytona


 When purchased not knowing much about it I had a lot of questions. The staff there was very  tolerant of all my calls and was able to answer all my questions. The staff there is great. My wife and I rode there and they gave us a tour of the whole place and explained everything that was going on. Can't say enough good things about California Side Car. 

Mr. Bice and his Kruze


 What a great decision I made when I  selected the pros at California Sidecar to convert my 2009 Kawasaki Voyager to a trike.  I was given two tours of their plant where all questions were answered to my complete satisfaction. Would I go back?  To nowhere else!  Thank you California Side Car for the courtesy that was  

shown to me and friends.

Mr. Glahn and his Arrow


A 3 TIME CSC Owner.

A Viper, Daytona and Arrow!

Mr. Glahn is a long time CSC customer and 

#1 fan! Also a pilot and currently the proud owner of three CSC's! WOW! 

Mr. Bradt and his Cobra XL


 I have had a great experience getting my Honda Gold Wing  triked. After knee surgery I needed to do something different, so I  triked my bike over a year ago. I was not sure I would like it, but I love it. CSC has been wonderful. I already have over 9000 miles on it. The picture is this past summer in Quebec, Canada.

Mr. Barton's Cobra


 I initially had many reservations about converting into a trike, but after extensive  research, I felt very comfortable in selecting the CSC conversion over all the others. From the initial visit to picking up the finished trike, we were very satisfied! My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased! It handles as  good as it looks and makes long road trips a lot less tiring! After getting  the trike, my wife went out and got her license and now drives it more  than me!

The Straining's Viper


 My CSC Trike staging for the Veterans Parade with wife alongside. Since I purchased my CSC trike she now rides with me again. We both get compliments on the style and looks of the Trike, 

it’s a show stopper!

Mr. Walker with his Arrow


 My Indian Vintage Chief with CSC Arrow kit and Escapade trailer won 1st  place at the Mid America HD Million Dollar Bike Show! It was the only  Indian in a Harley show and the competition featured some outstanding  custom Harley trikes. But they could not overcome the combination of  

Indian and CSC styling. 

Mr. Shackett and his Encore


 Left home June 20 back home Sept. No rush, many days visiting friends. 

My days of rushing are over, time to enjoy!

The Gilvey's with their Encore


4 TIME CSC Owners!

Enough said!

The Ratner's with their Arrow


Mr. Moore with his Kruze


The King's with their Daytona


  CSC has exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

McQuinn and his Escapade

I have had the pleasure of owning an Elite Escapade trailer for 3 years. The trailer has been to Ala

The Wards with their Encore


The Jimenez's with their Daytona


Mr. Ellis with his Viper and Escapade


 Attending a Buffalo Soldiers Event with his CSC trike & Escapade trailer to match! .

The Rafferty's with their Daytona


Greg & Angela with their Escapade


Mr. Salva with his Escapade


The Nicklow's with their Viper


The Wayland's with their Daytona


Mr. Walter and his Viper


Mr. Foucher and his Cobra XL


  Wow! All the way to the Arctic Circle!

The Giorgini's and their Escapade


The McDuffie's and their Viper

 had their trike built in Honda of Melbourne in Florida

Had conversion done at Honda of Melbourne in Florida 

and they are so much enjoying their CSC!

The Petersen's with their Viper


Joel & Stacey with their Daytona


Took a demo ride at Sturgis and fell in love. Soon after they picked up their own Daytona!

Mr. Jackson with his Escapade


The Pierce's with their Viper


Absolutely loving their CSC!

Mr. Coy and his Daytona


 Dave Coy stopped by to see us at Sturgis and to tell us how much he loves his CSC trike. Had it converted at C&C Custom in IA. 

The Well's on their Daytona


Their faces say it all! They love their CSC!

Judy with her Encore


 From 2 wheels last year to 3 this year. Thanks!

Mr. Benson with his Viper


 I am extremely pleased with the entire CSC conversion experience. Quality is their job, from sales to customer service.  Will, Dwight and Cassidy and the rest of the employees are so customer focused! Thanks for a job well done on my 2007 

Goldwing with the Viper kit.   

Mr. Cohen and his Daytona


2 TIME CSC Owner!

The Smith's with their Viper


CSC Owners in Australia!

The Billip's with their Viper


Mr. Phillips with his Escapade


Just out for cruise from the East to the West! 

Mr. Phillips traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific with his Escapade in tow!

Mr. Kjell Brohaug with his Viper


CSC Owner in Norway

Denzel Washington with his Escapade


HA HA! That is what he told us to say!  Actually, this is Mr. McMillan Jr. He was over the moon about his new trailer set up!

Mr. Noll with his Ventura


Mrs. Sinnock with her Daytona


The Boyd's with their Viper



Carolyn on her Legend


Built by Trikes by Rodney, she stopped by Sturgis to say how much she loves her CSC! 

She rode 2000 miles to get here! 

The Torres' with their Viper


The Baylor's at Daytona


"We should have done this 

10 years ago!"

Mr. Beckwith with his Cobra XL


Mr. Ellerbroek with his Viper


"I can't say enough good things about my 2015 Viper conversion. After owning a Motor Trike conversion the difference has been day and night. The comfort and handling are remarkable and the quality and craftsmanship is unmatched."

The Boutwell's with their Cobra XL


Charlie & Patty with their Cobra XL


"We have already put a couple hundred miles on it riding our back-roads on the weekends waiting for the pollen to stop. It didn't take long for your girl to hop on and start shifting gears!"