What is a "Trike"?

A Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle. You supply the motorcycle and we can convert it into three wheels with a trike conversion kit. Each kit is built specific to what you want.  We can create a trike on 6 different makes of bikes with over 40 different models. 

Can I purchase direct from the CSC Factory?

Yes, we have dealers throughout the U.S. and Internationally that have been thoroughly trained by our techs, but you can certainly order from the factory in Virginia 

and have your installation completed here.

What is the Trike Warranty?

CSC has the TOP WARRANTY in the trike industry! 5 YEARS / UNLIMITED MILES!

How long does a trike install take?

We have streamlined our kits to be the quickest and easiest to install in the market. At our factory we ask to keep the bike over four full days to complete an installation, but it is typically done in three days. The  installation hours will vary depending on which options are purchased with the kit. Check with your nearest Authorized Dealer for more details. 

Can I test ride a trike?

Absolutely! We insist that you do! Deciding to trike your bike is a big decision and we want you to see for yourself why everyone is choosing CSC and "triking it out"! So take that demo ride! Locate your nearest Authorized Dealer to schedule one today.

Can I install the Trike myself?

All CSC trike kits must be installed by one of our authorized factory  trained dealers. Converting a motorcycle to a trike is a very detailed and complicated procedure. All of our dealers are professional  technicians that have the facilities and tools to do the best job possible. The safety and quality of our trike installations is very  important to us and our warranty requires that we have consistent  installation techniques and processes. 


How will my Trike or Trailer ship?

 We securely pack each trike and trailer onto and into a 

secure pallet crate, covered with heavy duty cardboard. 

Trailer crates are 50x72x40 and weigh around 350 lbs**.  

Trike crates are 50x72x38 (48 high with ground effects) and weigh  around 600 lbs**. 

Dimensions are WxLxH. **(weights will vary depending  on the model). 

How much does it cost to ship a Trike or Trailer?

 Freight charges will vary depending on the product and the destination. You may inquire with one of our sales representatives or your local dealer to find out specific rates and costs. 

May I pick up my trike or trailer at the CSC Factory?

 Yes, dealers may arrange for a factory pick up Monday- Friday, between 8 AM “ 5:30 PM.  Individuals must have their trike kits installed by the factory if purchased directly. 

What is the "Power Trak" and do I need to have one?

  Adding any trike conversion will change the steering characteristics of your motorcycle. Our Power Trak changes the fork angle and offset, reducing the trail which creates a power steering feel. The new trail is carefully tuned to prevent “wander”. It is optional, but it is highly  recommended. A Power Trak makes the trike easier to steer and maneuver, 

and more comfortable for the upper body. 


Why is your name California Sidecar?

We ARE California Side Car and will always be! This is our name and how people recognize us! We no longer manufacture the Side Cars unfortunately. Trikes took the reins several years ago and with declining Side Car sales the decision was made to cease production and focus on Trike development. There is a company that still handles Side Cars and they received what was remaining of the CSC Side Car parts inventory. (not a lot, unfortunately) 

You can reach them here: 

Sidecar Installation Instructions?

You can find the former sidecar installation instructions on the CSC Support Page. 

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.