Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle. Each kit is built specific to what you want. You supply the motorcycle and we will make it into a trike!

We can create a trike on 6 different makes of bikes with over 40 different models. Give us a call today and we can send you a brochure!! 1-800-824-1523

Paint ready is a body finish that has been sanded, primed and is ready to go into our paint booth. The Color Match paint options include “Paint Ready” finish in the price.

We securely pallatize and crate each unit and cover it with heavy duty cardboard. Trailer crates are 50x72x40 and weigh around 350 lbs**. Trike crates are 50x72x38 (48 high with ground effects) and weigh around 600 lbs**. Dimensions are WxLxH. **(weights will vary depending on the model).

Freight charges will vary depending on the product and the destination. You may inquire with one of our sales representatives or your local dealer to find out specific rates and costs.

Yes, dealers may arrange for a factory pick up Monday- Friday, between 8 AM “ 5:30 PM. Individuals must have their trike kits installed by the factory if purchased directly.

Yes, however, all direct trike purchases must be installed by the factory.

Trike Questions

Adding any trike conversion will change the steering characteristics of your motorcycle. Our Power Trak changes the fork angle and offset, reducing the trail which creates a power steering feel. The new trail is carefully tuned to prevent “wander”. It is optional, but it is highly recommended. A Power Trak makes the trike easier to steer and maneuver, and more comfortable for the upper body.


U.S. regulations do not require a parking brake. Some other countries do require one, which is why we offer it as an option. It is also an extra measure of security for parking a trike on steep hills. Trikes left in gear or in reverse should keep the bike stationary under most conditions.

Yes, but you won’t want to after riding such an amazing trike! Seriously though, a trike conversion will almost always add more value to your motorcycle when the time comes to sell, so adding a trike kit is not only a great experience but a sound economic one as well. If you still want to convert back to two wheels, some of the OEM parts may have been modified during the installation depending on the model, but all can be replaced and all other original components will fit back on the motorcycle.

Check with your nearest Authorized Dealer to arrange a demonstration ride. Also check our Events Schedule to see the rallys at which we will be represented, either by our factory representatives or one of our dealers.

Our trike units are designed to replicate the OEM final gear ratios in order to maintain compatibility with all OEM motorcycle functions. However, our Harley-Davidson models (Legend excluded) have a Performance Gearing option that reduces the final drive ratio by 10% for quicker acceleration and potentially longer clutch life.

The impact on gas mileage depends on several factors, including the rider, style of riding, passengers or cargo weight, and geography. Some trike owners report negligible changes in fuel economy, while others may experience a 5-10% reduction. Order our optional Auxiliary Fuel Tank to increase your range.

No. It is a completely bolt-on installation.

All CSC trike kits must be installed by one of our authorized factory trained dealers. Converting a motorcycle to a trike is an involved and fairly complicated procedure. All of our dealers are professional technicians that have the facilities and tools to do the best job possible. The safety and quality of our trike installations is very important to us and our warranty requires that we have consistent installation techniques and processes.

We have streamlined our kit to be the quickest and easiest install in the market. At our factory we ask to keep the bike for three full days to complete an installation but it is typically done in two. The installation hours will vary depending on which options are purchased with the kit. Check with your nearest Authorized Dealer for more details.

Trailer Questions

No. Escapade trailers will perform exceptionally under all conditions, loaded or not.

No. With proper tire pressure and appropriate air shock pressure, Escapade trailers will stay “glued” to the road under every condition.

Escapade trailers do not include a spare tire as standard equipment. They can be purchased as an option for all trailers. LE, Excel, and Elite models are built with a spare tire compartment in the floor of the trailer.

All Escapade trailers come with a wiring harness for the motorcycle. It is a 6-pin, molded, corrosion resistant, rectangular plug. Wiring instructions can be found in our Owners Manual.

Escapade trailers come standard with a white painted rim with tire and a black powder coated tongue & coupler.

All Escapade trailers (except Eclipse model) are equipped with a valve inside the trailer which fills both Progressive air shocks simultaneously. Each trailer comes with a suspension pump with pressure gauge. The air shocks should not be filled using compressed air.

No. There are some states that do not require a license plate, and those that do, offer either automotive size (large) or motorcycle size (small) plates. Order the Chrome Accent Package and specify the size of the license plate frame, large or small.

Sidecar Questions

Unfortunately, a factory fire destroyed our sidecar molds in 2010. By then, the sidecar market had been virtually replaced with trike sales so we did not re-tool the sidecars. Parts for our sidecars can be found at Florida Sidecar Products or DMC Sidecars may be able to assist you.

(The company below manufactures windshields for the CSC Sidecars)

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