We would like to say after trying out all the different makes of trike conversions on the market today, we decided to have the Cobra XL kit installed on our 2003 Goldwing. It was the absolute best choice we could have made, not only in ride and handling but also with all of the options. All we can say to all of the other riders out there is give California Sidecar a try and you will be glad you did.

--Ron & Esther Waddell

As a new customer of California Sidecar I want to say that from day one I was impressed with your company. From the personalized factory tour to the friendly staff and especially the interaction that we had with all of the employees that worked on my trike. I was so amazed at what the final outcome was.The quality product, the perfect match of the paint, the techs helpful information, it was all good.

You showed me that you care. That in itself is worth more than anything I can say about CSC. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service that CSC provides. A job WELL DONE.

--Joe Dawson

I made the decision to purchase the Kruze after comparing CSC products with other manufacturers while at Daytona Beach Bike Week. I was looking for something more aerodynamic and with smooth lines, not a boxy looking trike. The demo and sales staff at the show were knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and never pushy. One ride on the demo trike and I was convinced this was the way to go. I formulated the purchase order on the spot and then contacted the factory to arrange drop off of my bike and complete the conversion. We are now a two trike family as my wife moved up from two wheels to a Legend.

--Pete Rawls

We are extremely happy with the quality of workmanship. We could not have received better hospitality and service along with the smiling faces of friendly staff anywhere else. The technicians were extremely knowledgeable and were willing to answer any and all questions. Simply said, CSC is awesome.

--Sharon & Howard

This is my CSC 2006 Goldwing. I had the kit installed 8/13 at the Arrington, VA plant. I am real happy with the trike.

--Ralph Vernon

I love my trike more than I could ever say. It is a very good ride and beautifully designed. I was treated exquisitely well by California Sidecar.

--Ann & Milton

This past summer we decided it would be safer for us to have 3 wheels under us. We purchased our kit from California Sidecar and couldn’t be happier. They did an excellent job and the people and service department were always very willing to answer all our questions.

--Ron & Carol Babcock

What a great decision I made when I selected the pros at California Sidecar to convert my 2009 Kawasaki Voyager to a trike. I was given two tours of their plant where all questions were answered to my complete satisfaction. Would I go back? To nowhere else. Thank you California Sidecar for the courtesy that was shown to me and friends

--Sonny Bice

Just a short note to thank you for all the good service I have received from cSc. From the purchase of the trike, to replacing defected parts and repair from wreck when I was hit in the rear by another bike. The entire body was replaced from the seat back with an outstanding job, looks like new. Thank you for the excellent work and friendly altitude.

--Ron Bennett

I have had a great experience getting my Honda Gold Wing triked. After Knee surgery I needed to do something different, so I triked my bike over a year ago. I was not sure I would like it, but I love it. CSC has been wonderful. I already have over 9000 miles on it. The picture is this past summer in Quebec, Canada.

--Rodney Bradt

I initially had many reservations about converting my 2009 Goldwing into a trike, but after extensive research into the various conversion options, followed by touring your factory and test drive, I felt very comfortable in selecting the CSC conversion over the others. From the initial visit to picking up the finished trike, we were very satisfied with the communication and customer service from you and your team. My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with how beautiful the trike turned out. It handles as good as it looks and makes long road trips a lot less tiring, although it took me a bit to get used to driving on three wheels. After getting the trike, my wife went out and got her license and now drives it more than me!

--John Barton

My CSC Trike staging for the Veterans Parade with wife alongside. Since I purchased my CSC trike she now rides with me again. We both get compliments on the style and looks of the Trike, it’s a show stopper!

--Ray Straining

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